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9/21/06 10:26 am - auburnnotlisa - Genderpic

Okay, this islooks like shameless self-promotion, but if you care for various pieces of awesome fanart of Girl!John, Girl!Ronon, and Man!Teyla....

4/12/06 06:44 pm - justabi - Girl!Ronon

Girl!Ronon drawing by lierdumoa. Life? Does not get better than girl!John and girl!Ronon in a single day. *blissed*
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4/12/06 10:38 am - justabi - Girl!John

John with Boobies!!! drawing by pentapus. John definitely has dyke appeal. Trust me on this one. My gaydar is broker than a fry cook at Micky-D's with three kids, but even I can see it. *drools*
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4/11/06 02:49 pm - justabi - Girl!Rodney

Girl!Rodney drabble by kalpurna. Multiple orgasms, 'nuff said.
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4/6/06 04:12 am - justabi - Fic Rec

Ardhanarishvara by auburnnotlisa - Oh god. Ronon, Teyla and Sheppard get sex changed! And Ronon wants birthcontrol! It's... you must read. And I? I want more. Now.
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2/20/06 10:59 pm - fashes - Welcome! Have some recs!

I have recs here for SGA and Supernatural. And so much squeeing OMG!
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